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Sensitive skin in perfect balance

Skin care system for sensitive skin including special products against couperose. To provide quick, effective assistance with a feeling of tightness, redness and lines caused by dryness. The concept is based on active ingredients with no potential for irritation, highly purified ingredients, a neutral fragrance with no allergens and no parabens, no emulsions containing PEG, coloring and mineral oils at all. The plant-based HypoCalm³ complex provides the skin vital assistance to restore its normal balance, it protects against UV irritation, has an anti-aging effect and reduces water loss.


Mild cream for sensitive, dry skin


Mild, rich cream with anti-stress effect for sensitive, very dry skin


Mild fluid for sensitive, greasy and combination skin


Mask to quickly soothe oversensitive skin


Special cream to treat couperose skin


add-on sun protection

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