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Today -thanks to modern active ingredient technology- it is possible to actively tackle signs of skin aging and compensating for the deficiencies of aging skin. High-tech active ingredient products manage to get growth and protection substances “under the skin” and therefore specifically counteract the formation of lines. They correct fine lines, prevent the development of new lines, reduce laughter lines, tackle lines caused by dryness and prevent skin from drying out altogether. This complex catalogue of requirements can only be met if state of the art active ingredient technology is used. That’s what renovar® stands for…


Vitalizing mousse mask


Immediate relief eye pads against undesirable wrinkles


Rich care capsules with anti-aging effect.


Roll-on Applicator


Refreshing eye cream with hyaluronic acid for intensive moisture


Cell-Vital-Treatment with extract of apple-stem-cells


24 hour cream


Light protective serum


7 natural oils, with Lavender extract and Coenzyme Q10 for a smoother softer complexion

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