Refine and Correct

Refine and Correct by Jean D’Arcel

Free radicals, genetics and bodily pleasures of life leaves signs on us. Sometimes these signs are obvious, such as wrinkles, pigmentations, scars or shadows under the eyes. Solution for skin problems of this type requires intensive refining and correction treatments with active ingredients such as high does of fruit acid, retinol, beta-glucan, fibrocell and matrixcell whom penetrate, restore and bring visible results.

Jean D’Arcel laboratories have developed two solutions for the refine and correct, Prestige and ArcelMed.

Presitge – Power of Vitamines

Refine and correct by the power of vitamins, beta-glucan and special “anti-progeria” complex.

Arcelmed – Cosmetics and medicine are moving closer together

Dermatological product range for refine and correct pigmentations, acne scars and support post plastic surgeries recoveries